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Justifying OAA/ Behaviour code of conduct

Before going to the lecture I thought the aim of doing outdoor and adventurous activities is primarily fun and the “thrill”. OAA is more than that although the thrill for example is one main reason. People have not just fun they can develop social skills e.g. having more responsibility and also the character can develop. By overcoming fear/thrills self-confidence can increase. This does not mean that every adventurous activity has an outcome. The outcomes depend on the participants and on the activity. The competence of the participant and the perceived risk of him is a crucial thing. People doing an activity for the first time tend to perceive the risk as higher as it actually is. This happened to me during the lecture as well when my partner led me being “blind” through the classroom. Perceived risk was “I will break my leg.”, whereas there was no actual risk. In doing OAA the participants learn a lot about themselves.

8.2.15 15:26

What have I learned from utilising the assessment criteria?


Using the assessment criteria can help to classify one’s teaching/ coaching performance and to support it with reasons. I learned that the quality of the session is dependent on the group presentation and on the individual as well. A demonstration of teaching or coaching skills, an efficient interaction with the athletes and an appropriate appearance of the individual group members is necessary for getting a positive feedback. Comprehensible instructions should be made.

 The group presentation should show a high level of knowledge, a clear structure and an efficient organization. Especially I learned that the planning of the session is highly important for achieving this. For planning the session the group first has to work out the key skills which shall be mediated. The structure should be dependent on the key skills and should emphasize them.

20.11.14 17:59

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