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Managing Risk


Risk management is the most important thing to do before and during the OAA. The teacher/instructor is responsible for the participants. Risk management needs to be planned carefully by him. The teacher/instructor needs to be prepared for every situation, which is not an easy task. The teacher should have experience in doing these activities to anticipate possible problems. He needs to now the dynamics of the environment. Every kind of risk should be written down on the risk assessment template. He also should write down how to minimize the risk. There are different risks. Some can be predicted easily, others are hard to anticipate and have different impacts on each participant.

During the activity the teacher should always be alert and keep his eyes on his group to be able to control a dangerous situation quickly. To avoid risky situations which might be caused by a lack of competence by the participants he also needs to make sure that everybody knows what to do. The teacher also should have a plan, what to do if he cannot prevent/avoid that something bad happens, for example if a participant breaks his arm. So, the responsible person should consider a lot of things.

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Teaching and coaching Dangerous Sports


To evaluate how dangerous a physical activity is, it is not just important to ask the question what can happen to participants it is also crucial to ask how likely it is to happen. So participants need to consider the severity and the likelihood if he wants to know whether the activity is dangerous or has dangers. Usually adults are free to do every activity they want as long as it hurts nobody else, which is a libertarian point of view. At this, people argue about the definition of harm. If a man dies after sky diving, he will cause indirect harm, harm to friends and family. Also there is financial harm to his insurance in terms of rescue teams (etc.).

It is also discussed if the coach of an athlete should interfere when the athlete take too much risk. It seems to make no sense why a person take risk at all. On the other side, these people claim that it gives them self-affirmation. So, there are a lot of questions, which are not easy to answer at all.


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