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Planning, Assessing and Evaluating in OAA     


The teacher needs to have experience and an appropriate qualification to plan, assess and evaluate outdoor and adventurous activities. He needs to plan what kind of specific characteristic of the participants he wants to develop. This development of characteristics should be adjust to an activity which is appropriate, for example orienteering supports to develop team building or abseiling supports to develop self-confidence.

Assessing and evaluating in outdoor and adventurous activities seems to be complex. Learning outcomes varies and are hardly measurable. The teacher needs to be in contact with the participants. Participants should give constructive feedback. Writing down their experience could be a good way to help the teacher evaluating. Evaluating is an important part for the teacher developing ways and patterns to make OAA more efficient in terms of learning outcomes.

22.3.15 14:40

Social Development and Models for Learning/ Orienteering

As written in the first blog outdoor adventurous activities can have influence on the social development. In this connection, leadership, responsibility and team work are important values. However the learning outcomes depend on the competence, experience and the challenge. It is crucial for the teacher to develop appropriate challenges for the participants. This is not easy because participants, of course, have different competences in each activity. The challenges should never be too boring and not too difficult.

As we experienced in our orienteering session during the lecture, team work/building can be a complex thing, especially if the members do not really know each other. A lack of communication can be the consequence. The members do not know about the qualities and the characteristics. So, there are no norms and nobody has a specific role. In the end we get lost. I guess it just needs time and practice to become a team.

2.3.15 19:27

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